A Humble Seville Servant

Northern Europeans arrived in force to help out with their holiday cash as best they could, happily sun drunk amongst the bougainvillea and

" Tourist Go Home ! "

Flight and airport lounge time might be better spent Googling Charlemagne than gargling Champagne and asking for a Turkish coffee in Greece

Becoming, More Like Amalfi

The scariness of the drive shouldn't actually detract you from the beauty itself.... After all, the only cars and buses that go careerin

The Martini Paradox

... and I don’t care what part of Naples the chef comes from, unless he’s grating black truffle, Angel Dust or Monica Bellucci over the top

Bologna - Foodie Utopia

Just when you think it's all over, night gets up of its haunches and keeps on flailing away blindly into the darkness, with eyes bloodsh

Nerja Say Nerja Again.

This wasn’t the dressing I’d ordered. Other 'bits' fell out, dropping like guilty little men from gold lamé gallows.

Why So 'Old School', Old School?

The Seed is Sown It's hard to put my digit, although I do have several of them, on when I became old fashioned. It's no new thing, me...

Lucca, No Hands!

How Can You Tell A Happy Cyclist? Because of the Flies in Their Teeth. Extended Article I wrote for the Nomadic Lifestyle Blog Florence...

The 10 'Must Try' Restaurants in Santorini

Santorini can be a minefield for those clambering off their boats or enjoying the evening away from their pools, but this guide will help...

A Singular Honeymoon - Part 2

Greek Islands - Santorini After the wonder of my brief time in Italy, I caught a hopper flight, or two, to Santorini. Aegean Air are a...

A Singular Honeymoon - Part 1

The Lonelymoon Once upon a time, not so long ago, I was single, terminally single, and it dawned on me, a passionate and romantic...

Global Roman - Rome and The Eternal City

To begin, what hasn't been said about Rome already? It's either one of your favourite places or it's something of a disappointment, but...

Putting It All Together - Trip Building.

Where does it all start when it comes to planning a trip? For some, it's an invitation somewhere, whether it be to a wedding or a family...