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Aenaon Villas - Santorini's Jewel

Two of the 6 villas at Aenaon Villas, Santorini

The winners of the World Boutique Hotel Awards 2016 were recently announced in November at a glittering gala dinner held at the Merchant Taylors' Hall in London. Aenaon Villas won the prestigious 'World's Most Romantic Retreat' award. Now, to those of us who have been privileged enough to have stayed here on more than one occasion, I can honestly say that this news came as no great surprise. George and Alexandra deserve every accolade going, and can now add this latest prize to their rapidly increasing collection. It is truly a marvel. Perched high on the caldera, with views as far as the eye can see - Imerovigli to the south and Oia to the north. Just watching the changes in Santorinian light can be enough to want to return, but there is so much more to Aenaon Villas than just the views. George and Alexandra are almost it's biggest selling point all by themselves. Every effort is made to ensure that your stay is as perfect as it can possibly be, from the warmest of welcomes to the fondest of farewells. Alexandra will help with reservations, advice and will make effort to make sure you can get to where you need to be - nothing is too much trouble They expect the same level of guest service from their small and friendly staff also, and it's this friendly intimacy that goes such a long way to making this destination so unique.

View across the caldera, Aenaon Villas, Santorini

Designed by George himself, each villa is unique and you can choose which of these will suit your needs to perfection - From the larger villa Marily, which can easily accommodate a small family, to the beautiful and private honeymoon villa Elidami. My personal choice is villa Feggeri. With great views to both sides of the island, a good level of privacy and a very handy wind-break, should you choose to travel late in the season, it perfectly captures a traditional Santorini style apartment with fully modern and spotless amenities. The villas themselves are situated just off the main road between Imerovigli and Oia, which also provides an opportunity to walk to both towns via the cliff top paths. In fact, the walk from Aenaon Villas to Oia is an absolute must, with a the little Church of Panagia providing a lovely photographic opportunity half way along, I highly recommend this for yet more beautiful views of the island.

A Walk Into Oia, Santorini

You can choose your breakfast from the menu provided the evening before, and it will be served where ever you so choose. Whether it be near the infinity pool, with those views down to the water below, or on your own terrace. The comprehensive array of items should ensure that everyone is happy. Complementary fruit platters, bruschetta and beverages will also be served to you throughout the day to make sure you are properly hydrated and as comfortable as possible. "It is nothing." is the usual understated reply. It isn't nothing at all - It means a great deal. My partner and I often joke about whether or not the villas are bugged, as they seem to know exactly what we would like and when, such is their instinct for good hospitality and service. The villas are not bugged. I think i should make this clear. They're just exceptional at what they do.

View from Villa Feggeri, Aenaon Villas

I have visited Santorini on several occasions. It took me a while to find Aenaon Villas but now the problem is how to not keep coming back. With so much of the world to see, it is very difficult not to return here, time and time again. Many do, for George and Alexandra have built up a loyal and rapidly expanding following. Each of us using the villas as our second home, our luxury escape, our paradise on Santorini's caldera. Santorini itself is getting busier and more and more built up with every passing season. The cruise ships are bigger and they are in ever increasing numbers. Timing your trips into town is vital if you want avoid the crowds - Where better to hide away than here? Their business is booming, their hospitality is highly prized and early booking is essential. It needs to be done, it must be done - You won't be disappointed.

Aenaon Villas, Imerovigli, Santorini- 6 Villas only, providing Bed and Breakfast +, open from April through to late October. Bookings essential.


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