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OST's Top Ten Stays of 2016

6. Casa Buonocore, Positano

Before the Steps - Casa Buonocore

The only things that might deter you from staying at the wonderful Casa Buonocore, are the steps. There are quite a few of them, but that's really no issue at all, as there are steps everywhere in Positano. Although, having said that, if you are arriving by boat, I urge you to fork out the 10 Euros or so on the Baggage Porter down at the Marina. It is the best money you will ever spend on the whole trip. Hauling your bags anywhere here, isn't a thing you should be doing on holiday. Just let it go. It's also worth noting that Casa Buonocore isn't cheap either, especially for a B&B, but again, it's money well spent.

Deluxe Suite

The views, decor and atmosphere in the Deluxe Suite was well worth the money and I found the prices in Positano so reasonable, that savings can be made elsewhere to accommodate a stay here. I actually find myself staying in Bed & Breakfasts more and more theses days, as I just find my money goes further and I'm not paying for services, facilities and staff that I'm never going to use. For example, I don't usually eat in my Hotel, other than at breakfast, so the need for a restaurant is greatly reduced. I talk about this at greater length in an earlier blog.


Once you've settled into your suite (there are only half a dozen or so to choose from, so you really need to book well in advance, as it is deservedly popular), you can throw open the doors], step out on to the balcony and take in the lovely view over the rooftops, including that of the beautiful Il Duomo di Santa Maria Assunta, and down to the marina. The light changes constantly and the view never becomes a bore. The suites are immaculately decorated, very comfortable and spotlessly clean. Every care has been taken to ensure the guest knows that they are staying in Positano. I love this about Casa Buonocore and it's one of the most important things I look for when booking a room anywhere in the world. I like my home to match my location - I want to live and breath where I'm visiting.

Deluxe Suite

Casa Buonocore, as mentioned earlier, is small, family owned and run, and the staff are extremely attentive. Breakfast is fresh, diverse and plentiful, and when taken on the terrace next the Orange Trees and views across Positano, it's even more satisfying. Some of the rooms can be a little dark however, so it really is worth spending the extra on one of the suites. There is a lovely little library mid staircase and everything is on your doorstep, quite literally..... There are a lot of doorsteps.... a lot.

Casa Buonocore

I hope to become a regular guest at Casa Buonocore, as it really is a special place to stay. As for Positano itself, I fell in love with it. I was expecting it to be over touristed, but travelling here in the late season, I found it to be a living, breathing seaside town, with more going on than just the usual flimsy dressing to appease the day trippers.

Deluxe Suite

Chez Black on the beachfront is also a must visit restaurant. Not only are the pizzas excellent, the food is genuine, reliable, affordable, varied and delicious. It's a wonderful place for an aperitif, to people watch, and to revel in the owner, of over 60 years, take his place in his directors chair out front, orchestrating the whole show. it too is a delight. There is quite a smelly waiter there (whose name I'm either choosing to forget or I'm being polite by not mentioning it) ..... but you can forgive him that. This place is too happy a place to spend time worrying about such trivialities.

Chez Black

In summary, Positano will fast become one of your favourite destinations if you pitch your tent at Casa Buonocore and you pull up a chair at Chez Black. Happy old school travelling.

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