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Quntas - A Cautionary Tale

This is not the beginning. This is not even the beginning of the beginning.... but it is the beginning of this spontaneous blog.

My battle with Qantas has been ongoing for over 10 years. Here is today's instalment. I'm not proud. I'm just at my tether's end with them.

It started with a Tweet after 3 days of trying to book a Rewards flight on their website.... Or more commonly called 'Portal to Hell and Certain Disappointment.'

It goes....

A Response

My response to their response to my Tweet.

Please excuse the skipping of the odd word but I was ranting....

I continue .....

Please note the none aggressive Smiley Angel. I'm not a monster.

They came back with this:

The 17TH of April !!!!!!!!

Calmly, I replied:

But then thought better of it, and continued:

I thought I was being quite level headed about it although I wasn't confident about a resolve, and so it proved with my ''Reward':

From Chloe this time...

How about that for blindingly good customer service, eh? Maisie must have passed me over to someone more senior to handle my enquiry, such was its obvious importance to them.

...... I said,

...... and I couldn't possibly, and neither could they.

Happy Travels but not with Quntas.


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