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Messy Suitcase Be Gone ! - A Guide To Packing It In.

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There’s nothing more annoying than having to sift through your pile of clothes when traveling. Multiple cities require multiple opening, closing, packing and unpacking of your suitcase, so the more organised you are the better.

One Trips Outfits.

In my first post I talked about packing cubes and the benefits are endless i.e. you can pack more clothes in less space, you can find things more easily and makes packing and repacking as quick as lighting making the checkout process a lot quicker, especially if you drank too much wine the night before at that Italian theatre restaurant in Florence and woke up a bit too late to catch your train to Montepulciano ...... but I digress. See OST's funny Blog on Tuscan Car Rental for the problems that can cause.

I have done a little bit of research and here are my top picks. I should also mention that I am not a big deal just yet so I am in no way affiliated with any of these brands.

Packing Cubes

1. I will start with the best of the best, and by that I mean Globite, a company that’s been around since 1911 providing travellers with old fashion, good quality travel accessories. They have a nice range of travel cubes in a variety of colours. I like to get a couple of sets in different colours so I can assign a colour to a city or clothing item.

2. Next is something for the ladies, Cath Kidston has a very pretty range in 3 different sizes. I much prefer my cubes to be pretty and functional so they are on my list to buy when I am in the UK next.

3. If you are a bit of an adventure traveller you probably have a members card with Kathmandu so grab your walking pole and CamelBak and get to the nearest store asap as they have a large range of “packing cells” I think that’s the hipster name for the good old cubes.

4. Next is Zoomlite. These guys know how to make durable, breathable and colourful cubes. They have a range of 6 sizes and 10 colours. Again, you may want assign a colour for each city or by day. They even have a garment folder cube to minimise wrinkles. This could come in handy when visiting any Italian city because most Italian accommodation does not include an Iron.

5. Amazon has a massive range of brands and style to choose from. I went for the cheaper version the first time around and they only lasted one trip so if you are a regular traveller I would spend a little more and get the ones you love and that will last.

So there you have it, the list above is meant to help you decide on the ones that suits you best keeping in mind that it doesn’t matter what you use to compartmentalise your suitcase – I for one have used zip bags, shoe bags and even laundry bags as my packing cubes in the past so the idea is to maximise the space in whichever way you feel is best for you.

As you know, I am already mentally packing for our next trip to Europe and will share my packing list closer to our departure. In the meantime, check me out on Instagram via loopistyle and continue to follow our travel adventures with OST’s regular posts.

Torres di Bellosguardo

Love, Kati

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