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Cooking and Eating Traditional Food is a Passion of Mine and Once a Career.  As Old School Traveller, I Hope to Provide a Helpful Guide for Those Who Share my Love of All Things Food & Drink, That Stem From Times Gone By.

Since 2004, Beccofino has been serving up some of the finest Pizza's in Brisbane, but to think of it as merely a great pizzeria is a big mistake. The authenticity of the food as a whole, the ambience and service here, are all about as authentic as you can get, without having to jump on a plane to Bologna itself. The staff are well trained, and for the most part Italian themselves, and because of this there is a fantastic grounding in Italian cuisine close at hand. The advice here is excellent, should you be spoilt for choice and need a quite word in your Orecchietti.

      Beccofino's signature dish is almost certainly the Duck Ragu - I for one cannot remember it being off the menu in the 13 years I've been dining here. It's my first port of call when visitors are in town, it's also a staple for special occasions, those too lazy to cook moments, and for the ever so important take away pizza nights. The wine list isn't massive but it doesn't need to be. There is something here for everyone, but as a huge fan of Italian wines, it provides me with all of flavours of Italy I need from a crisp orchardy Soave to a robust tobaccoey Sangiovese.

    You can't book here. The usual routine might me to introduce yourself to the enigmatic and very Italian Paolo, who, if no table is currently available to you, might suggest a drink at either Beccofino's intimate bar or across the road at one of Teneriffe's many other hostelries. Having taken your phone number, you will get a call just a soon as your space is free. This should never be viewed as an obstruction to fine dining - It's all just part of the experience. It's a practise that is becoming more and more common and in light of Beccofino's location right in the heart of Teneriffe, it works perfectly. The ability to be able to turn over tables several times a night ensures the longevity of the best restaurants and at no time are you ever rushed. 

          If you are still a stranger to this fine establishment, dining here isn't enough. After all is said and done, becoming a Beccofino regular is an ambition one can be proud of, ... and my god, do they know how to cook chicken too.




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